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About Us

Val KimbroughDuring a vacation to the Big Island of Hawaii in June of 2006, we visited a local farmer’s market.  There was a beekeeper there who was selling his honey.  He had light honey and dark honey, liquid honey, and solid honey.  There was quite a variety, and I sampled many different types, and I found one that I particularly liked. 

I wasn’t much of a honey lover at the time, but this honey was different.  It was delicious, it was solid, and it was white.  I bought a jar of it, and brought it back home to the San Francisco Bay Area.  I was used to eating a candy bar or two every night, but I knew that if I could find a type of honey that I liked well enough to replace the candy bars, I would be healthier in the long run for it.

While I watched TV at night, I would take small samples of the honey on a spoon, and place it on my tongue, and that amazing flavor would fill my mouth and then slowly fade away.  This special Hawaiian honey began to grow on me, and I found that it was no problem at all skipping the candy bars at night, and just eating the Hawaiian honey instead. 

Well before I knew it, my jar of Hawaiian honey was empty.  A relative was visiting a foreign country at the time and sent me a gallon of honey from there.  I thought, “Great, now I have plenty of honey.”  But once I sampled the honey, I realized that I wasn’t so fortunate.  I didn’t taste good, and I ended up just throwing the rest of it away.

So my quest began to find a replacement for the jar of solid white Hawaiian honey that I had grown to like so much.  Unfortunately for me, the jar had not been labeled or marked in any way.  But I wasn’t worried because I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I was sure that if I searched long enough, I could find it somewhere in the Bay Area. 

But all l knew about this honey was that it was solid, it was white, and it was Hawaiian.  For 2 years I searched high and low.  I went to every store that I thought would likely carry this unusual white Hawaiian honey, but to my amazement, no one did.

In June of 2010 I returned to Hawaii to live.  Soon I crossed paths again with this solid white Hawaiian honey that I had grown to like so much just a few years earlier.  It’s called Lehua honey; and it comes from the Lehua blossom of the Ohia tree, which grows only in Hawaii.  As I traveled around and sampled various Lehua honeys though, I found that they did not all taste the same, some tasting far better than others.  But it was easy for me to find the ones that tasted the best, and only buy from those beekeepers.

From time to time I would go to a local coffee shop, and sit out on the patio while I enjoyed a cup of coffee and wrote letters back home.  This coffee shop was in the Ka’u district of the Big Island of Hawaii, and I found that the coffee that they were serving was most unusual.  It didn’t need cream or sugar.  It was very mild, and actually tasted good black.  

I had never tasted coffee like that before.  As it turns out, the coffee was a local coffee grown in Ka’u.  I had never heard of Ka’u coffee before, but it was the best coffee I had ever tasted.

I began to realize that because I was living on the Big Island, I had access to products that were relatively unknown elsewhere, but that were best in the world quality.  Soon the idea was born, to create a business that would take the best of the best of these products, and make them easily accessible to the outside world thru a website.

I want Nutritional Hawaii to be a brand name, where you will know that if you choose to purchase one of our products, you will receive items that are most likely, better than anything you have ever tried before.  If it’s a product that is carried under the Nutritional Hawaii brand name, it will be delicious. 

At Nutritional Hawaii we exist to make best in the world products, from Hawaii, easily accessible to you.  It's also my personal goal to have this website, and the overall internet experience that is Nutritional Hawaii, be a place where you can find interesting and valuable information on the subjects of health, lifestyle and nutrition in Hawaii.  I hope you will enjoy your time here, and will come back and visit us frequently.

Founder of Nutritional Hawaii